The Power of an Hour

Firinn Taisdeal
5 min readNov 29, 2022


In less than an hour you could transform yourself, and transform your life.

Will you make the choice?

In a single hour, you could transform your life, by transforming yourself. At any moment, any moment at all, you could choose to allow important insight after important insight to flow into and transform you with the power of their truth because after all, every possible insight is always available, and at every moment. The only limitation is you, and your willingness to accept and act on those insights.

But let’s approach this practically, shall we? There are 168 hours in one week. Approximately one third of those hours are spent in sleep, so that leaves 112 hours awake. Every week, you have 112 hours during which you could allow deep insights to flow into you, and transform you for the better.

Now let’s choose a single one of those 112 hours you have available during every week. What is a choice you could make for only one of those 112 hours during ever week that would positively transform you, and positively transform your life?

Is it coming to you yet?

What could it be?

Is it a decision?

Is it an activity?

Is it a thought?

What if it’s something you’ve never tried before?

What if it’s something you’ve never even heard of before?

What if it’s more fun than you’ve ever even imagined possible?

Uh oh. Getting closer.

Break Down Those Walls

Most people are hemmed in, or rather have chosen to be hemmed in, by a number of factors: self-concept, group identity, narrow profession, restrictive outlook, lack of new influences, rigid patterns of thought, rigid patterns of feeling, rigid patterns of relationship, rigid patterns in use of time.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Channel the energy of the little guy below, and bust down those walls. Just kick ’em right on down. You’ll be glad you did.

Looks like fun!

Set Aside a Single Hour

Choose an hour, a single hour in your week. This hour is yours, entirely and exclusively yours. This hour is only about you, about you and your one and only life, about how you can make the most of this one and only life of yours.

Float above your current life, high above all the binds and bonds and bullshit that have held you down. Forget about all that.

Imagine all that you want to be, no matter what that is. Don’t hold back in any way. While you are floating happily naked in the sky, imagine a glorious burst of rain, and imagine that rain flowing all over your body, purifying your spirit and purifying your mind, freeing you to become whatever you want to become.

The practical challenges that will inevitably follow are of no importance in this moment, which is purely yours, to imagine a new self, and a new life, and a new set of ways for yourself, much better than the old ways.

Now slowly descend, and return to what is, but does not have to be as it is.

Time to Translate and to Plan

What are practical steps you could now take to make whatever vision you had a bit more of a reality? I mean actual steps, things you could do a little bit differently during the next week that would move you a bit closer toward your new and better self?

Look far. See far. You may need some spiritual binoculars.

What is that, off in the distance? Could it be a new and better you?

A Few of My Own Personal Choices

I hope you now have some ideas for how to get your own positive transformation underway. Below are only a few examples of choices I’ve made in my own journey of self-directed self-transformation.

1. Exercise my courage every day

This means making sure that at least once per day I do something I am afraid of doing. This one choice has produced tremendous breakthroughs, and new opportunities.

2. Choose an important skill, and practice that skill for 20 minutes at a time, three times per day

Holy crap, it’s amazing how quickly you can acquire important skills if you do this. This is also good practice in identity transformation, because you quickly go from thinking of yourself as someone who can’t do something, to thinking of yourself as someone who can, and if you do this enough you start thinking of yourself quite reasonably as someone who can do anything, with the right kind of effort and time.

3. Spend an hour per week writing a love letter to someone who definitely isn’t expecting it at all

Today I am writing a love letter to Michael Dukakis, 1988 Democratic presidential candidate. Michael is a beautifully honorable and noble person, and one way this is expressed in his behavior is that everywhere he goes, he picks up litter. This is a person who definitely deserves a love letter, so he is going to get one from me.

I also have wanted to elevate all of my relationships to a higher level, and the technique of the “love bomb” delivered unexpectedly by postal mail is unusually effective in this regard.

So What’s It Going to Be?

Feel free to drop me a note in the comments, and let me know what you come up with. Together, we can make this a much better and much more fulfilling world, one brave and excellent choice at a time, one beautiful and noble hour at a time.

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Firinn Taisdeal

I am an author and inventor. My first book was about people’s relationship with their possessions and how possessions change us, for better and for worse.