• Archie Pelago

    Archie Pelago

    No man is an island. Consistently inconsistent. A bit dotty. Koo-koo-kachoo.

  • Michael Fqu9b7

    Michael Fqu9b7

    Middle-aged runner. High-tech with a foot in the forest. Open/poly. In Ottawa. Hi.

  • Mathias Sager

    Mathias Sager

    Awareness Intelligence research and application since 1975. It’s humantime. www.mathias-sager.com, goodthings@mathias-sager.com. Thanks and all the best!

  • Mark Perry

    Mark Perry

    Professional running coach. England Athletics. Email with enquiries for online coaching.

  • Tracy Aston

    Tracy Aston

    I write, photograph, make art. Empath. Wonderer. Inspired by the natural world and all that is good in us. https://tracyaston.com

  • Shari Johnson

    Shari Johnson

  • Banza


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